BNI Winner's Circle
Same location but a different name.
Meeting Day: Wednesday, 7:00 AM
Meeting Location:
Lifetime – Galleria Tennis (Houston)
5015 Westheimer Suite 4020
Houston, TX 77056
Meeting Location Phone - 281-707-7801
Member Count: 25
President: Clista Woods
Tel: 713 826-8416
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Vice President: James Selig
Tel: 713-461-9393 x1420
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Secretary / Treasurer: Denika Carothers
Tel: 832-558-1396
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Chapter Ambassador: Phuong (Kristina) Luong
Tel: 2057926277
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Chapter Director Consultant: Kitty Tennison
Tel: 281-221-0016
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United States

What are the Core Values of BNI?  Dr. Ivan Misner explains them starting with Givers Gain!

Dr Ivan Misner about Core Values: Givers Gain