BNI Prosperity
We expect this group to be one of the fastest forming chapters. We have a CPA, computer repair, title company, banker, P&C insurance, health & wellness, and life insurance. We are looking for a bookkeeper, event planner, florist, auto repair, promotional products, residential realtor, mortgage company, attorney, and more. Great Group. Great Location. Great Future. Contact
Meeting Day: Wednesday, 7:00 AM
Meeting Location:
Cafe Express - Energy Corridor
1111 Eldridge Parkway #100
Houston, Texas 77077
Meeting Location Phone - (281) 978-4093
Member Count: 18
President: Catherine Connors
Tel: 281-914-0703
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Vice President: Rin Willis
Tel: 713-332-8216
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Secretary / Treasurer: Dustin Golden
Tel: 2817122059
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Chapter Director Consultant: Gail Stolzenburg
Tel: 281-493-1955
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Congratulations to BNI Prosperity, the 40th chapter in the Houston West BNI Region. The chapter meets on Wednesdays at 645 am at The Pecan Creek Grill, 1510 Eldridge Parkway South, Houston, TX 77077. Email with your referrals or questions about visiting.

BNI Prosperity
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